This week at the Zen Center

Wed October 22: Traditional service and discussion night, 7pm: "Compassion in Action"

Sunday October 26: Koshin Cain speaks at Burton Community Church at 11am on "Radical Silence"

Wednesday October 29: Traditional service and "Death our Companion" event. Bring something that reminds you of a person you love who's died to bring to our altar.

How to help this week: Email if you can help make a meal for a member in need over the next couple weeks.

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Upcoming Events

Weekly Wednesday night services with dharma talks/discussions at 7--all are welcome!

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November 15: Intro to Zen, 9-10:30 at the Zendo. Free of charge, all welcome

December 6: All-night sit to celebrate the Buddha's enlightenment, 10:30pm-7am the next morning. All welcome for all or part--drop in when you can!

December 7: 7am morning service and celebratory breakfast to commemorate enlightenment day. All welcome!

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