Weekly schedule

Morning sits
Monday 6:30-7:30am, Friday 7:00-8:00am, Sunday 8:30-9:30am

NOTE: We no longer will have morning sits on Wednesdays

Wednesday night meditation and discussion

Sunday services with dharma talk

Services are held at the Havurah Building, 15401 Westside Highway

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We are a rare sanctuary from an often agitated world. We are a place for deep self-reflection and challenging spiritual practice. And we are a community that keeps us connected to each other as well as to values larger than ourselves.
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All-night sit and Enlightenment Day Ceremony
12/5 10:30 pm All-night sit to commemorate the Buddha’s long sit under the bodhi tree.
12/6 8am Enlightenment Day Ceremony & Breakfast

Upcoming dharma talks
11/29 Drawing as Meditation? …seeing things as they really are (Bruce Morser)
12/6 Everybody Wake Up! (Koshin Christopher Cain)
12/13 Kyoto Today — images from a recent trip (Barbara Wells)
12/20 Tea ceremony talk: Robert Frost & a snowy dawn — what’s all the fuss? (Christopher Ezzell)
12/27 Death & Resurrection (Koshin Christopher Cain)

The dharma talks are part of the Sunday 10am service.

Check out our programming calendar for a full list of upcoming dharma talks and more.

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