December 2016: A Challenging Journey with Steadfast Friends

A Zen Center is a safe place to do unsafe work. Our practice involves the often uncomfortable work of giving ourselves up.  The frightening work of diving deeply into quiet.  The dangerous work of facing our demons.  The challenging work of changing our habits.  The brave work of helping others in need. We ask ourselves to do this difficult work each day, each week through easier times and challenging times. And we do it together.

We do this practice in a safe space, together with dharma friends—people who support us through a difficult practice and through all our ups and downs.  A sangha forms precious bonds that can last a lifetime. Zen is a practice that is built in order to help both ourselves and others.  It allows us to face life’s challenges with tenderness and strength, and to help others do the same.

Our Zen Center is offering more and more people the chance to take this challenging journey with steadfast friends.  I have enjoyed seeing new faces walk through the doors of the Havurah this year and observing the gradual unfolding practice among all of our members. Your compassion and the insights you bring each week to zazen help weave the fabric of the rich, ever-changing tapestry that holds our sangha together.

We could use your help. Whether you live near or far away, I encourage you to become a member.  Your support keeps this center available to all.  It helps us remain strong and active as we become a more integral part of the Vashon and greater Puget Sound communities.  It allows us to offer a difficult, helpful practice to the people who sit with us, and to a society greatly in need of it.