Your one wild and precious life

The Buddha makes an unusual request – that we make a spiritual practice of observing the impermanence of all things, including our own life. How is that supposed to help? Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center October 7, 2018.

Make haste slowly


How do we progress in Buddhist practice?  Isn’t it about NOT progressing?  In Rinzai Zen we ask you to diligently make an effort until there is no effort needed.  Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center on September 30, 2018.

Breathing Spirit


In every cycle of breath spirit travels through the body creating form, consciousness, formlessness and returning to emptiness. Each cycle is a microcosm of our life’s earth walk, from our first inhale at birth to our final exhale as we die to this life.  Robert Litman will guide awareness into the spirit of breath as a teacher of Patience and Diligence. September 23, 2018 at the Zen Center.

The practice of tea


The Practice of Tea and the Practice of Zen
The modern (post-16th century) tea ceremony was greatly influenced by the practice of Zen. This talk will describe some of the similarities between the practice of the Way of Tea (Chado) and the practice of Zen and also a few of the differences between these two disciplines. Wes Borden speaks at the Zen Center on September 2, 2018.

Koan Zen


Giko David Rubin talks about Zen, koans, and practicing with never ending purpose. August 20, 2018 at the Zen Center.

Compassion in the Balance


What does it mean to keep our balance in these crazy times? Genko Kathy Blackman speaks at the Zen Center, August 5, 2018.

No Separate Liberation

Eko Jeff Kelley of Seattle Soto Zen speaks about his work in prisons, July 29, 2018.

Regarding the Other


How do we perceive those in the other tribe?  Zen practice can help us recognize our own biases and regard the OTHER with more clarity and understanding. Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center, July 15, 2018.

The whole world alive

Eko Jeff Kelley of Seattle Soto Zen speaks at our annual summer day sit, July 14, 2018.

What kind of liberty?

Our practice helps us move through our lives with a deeper liberty, living and dying more freely.

Zen in Norway

Koshin and Christian Meass Svendsen, President of the Board of Rinzai Zen Center in Oslo, discuss Buddhism in Norway and Zen practice at the Rinzai Zen Center in Oslo.

Self-centered to Seeker

Sally Carlson was ordained into The Episcopal Church in 2005 and has served as deacon at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, Vashon. She is currently retired from full time ministry. She is a certified Spiritual Director with an itinerant street clientele as well as women ranging in age from 30’s – 70’s. She was a first responder after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and went to Haiti after the massive earthquake there. 

My Zen Life: Sissel Johannessen


Sissel Johannessen speaks in our “My Zen Life” series, in which sangha members talk about their Zen journeys. June 17, 2018 at the Zen Center.

We are the lucky ones

The first line of Richard Dawkins’ book, Unweaving the Rainbow, is “We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones.” Without the miracle of birth we cannot have death. With every birth of a new person, idea, or plan comes the certainty of endings and of pain. Buddhist practice helps us recognize and work with this. Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center May 27, 2018.

Chanting 101

What are the roots of this practice? Why do we chant and what are we chanting? And how do we make this practice meaningful for us? Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center May 20, 2018.

Becoming larger


It may appear we’re getting smaller in Zen practice. We’re stepping out of the stream of our lives and quietly losing our everyday self. But in fact we’re discovering things that make us larger. Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center April 29 , 2018.

Sesshin: Chanting

Genko Kathy Blackman gives an evening talk at the spring 2018 sesshin on chanting.

Sesshin: Effort


Giko David Rubin gives an evening talk at the spring 2018 sesshin on effort.

Sesshin: bowing

Genko Kathy Blackman gives an evening talk at the 2018 spring sesshin on bowing.

Sesshin: Zazen


Koshin Cain gives an evening talk at the 2018 sesshin on zazen (sitting meditation).

Becoming a Buddhist Chaplain

Beth is a student in the Chaplaincy Program at Upaya Zen Center and is currently an intern at Harborview Medical Center. She shares experiences from her journey with us.

Sesshin: Yikui part 2

Genko gives the last dharma talk of the spring sesshin on the later life of nun and poet Yikui.

Sesshin: Yikui Part 1

Koshin gives a talk at the spring sesshin on the life and work of one of Xinggang’s successors, the nun and poet Yikui.

Sesshin: Xinggang, part 3

Xinggang’s career continues to the point where she ably leads a cloister. As her health fails, her female dharma heirs begin to take over more leadership duties.

Sesshin: Xinggang, part 2

The story of Xinggang, nun and poet, continues after she receives her transmission from her teacher. Koshin Chris Cain speaks at the spring sesshin.

Sesshin: Xinggang, part 1

Genko Kathy Blackman opens up the April sesshin dharma talks, which focus on the lives and work of 17th century Chinese Zen nuns. She starts with a talk about the nun and poet Xinggang, and how Xinggang got her start into practice.

Dhamma in Daily Life

Ajahn Ritthi is the Abbot of Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery in Woodinville, Washington. He is a monk and Dhamma teacher of the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Ajahn Ritthi, a native of southern Thailand, ministers to the spiritual needs of the Thai immigrant community.

Sangha as a web of relationship

How do we nurture a healthy, ethical, helpful sangha? There is research indicating it is less a matter of belief, and more a matter of relationship. Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center on March 18, 2018.

Healthy honor, healthy shame (radio show)

Renowned author and scholar Thanissaro Bhikku, Abbot of the Metta Forest Monastery in San Diego County California, joins us to talk about honor and shame in a Buddhist context.

Work that matters (radio show)

Author and Buddhist practitioner Maia Duerr joins us to talk about her new book, “Work that Matters.”

Women, poetry and Zen (radio show)

Scholar and author Beata Grant joins us to talk about the work she’s done discovering and translating poetry from Chinese Zen nuns.

Faith and politics (radio show)

Mike Ivaska, pastor at Vashon Community Church, drops by the studio to talk with Koshin about faith and politics.

Ethics in a Zen Community

David Steel, Joyce Hunziker and Carol Spangler of the Zen Center’s Ethics Committee talk about the history of Zen Ethics in general, and the history and current work of our Zen Center Ethics Committee.

Finishing with Refuge

In the traditional refuge chant, after taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, we finish taking refuge in them. This mirrors our practice – we take refuge in meditation, study, and community for a time, then we step out into the world. Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center February 25, 2018

Neither difficult nor easy


Sometimes our practice is terribly challenging, sometimes it is a great joy.  And all the while it is neither – just ask Layman P’ang’s skilled daughter, Ling-chao.   Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center, February 18, 2018.


The categorizing mind (radio show)

Serena Maurer stops by the studio to talk with Koshin about being mindful of the ways our minds can categorize.

Serena is teaching a one-day class at the Zen Center on Saturday February 24 on Dualistic Thinking. For more information and to register, see here. 

Sangha as refuge

Genko Kathy Blackman speaks at the Zen Center on Sunday February 4, 2018, about refuge and what it can mean for us today.

Neither good nor evil

Sangha member Wes Borden speaks on #23 from the Mumonkan collection of koans. In this story, the newly-designated sixth patriarch of Zen, Huineng, flees to the mountains and is pursued by a senior student of the monastery. Recorded on January 28, 2018.

Mindful tech (radio show)

After his talk at the Zen Center, David Levy stops by the studio to talk more about mindfulness and technology.

Attention and Ethics

Dr. David Levy is a Professor in the Information School at University of Washington and author of Mindful Tech: How to Bring Balance to our Digital Lives. He speaks at the Zen Center on January 21, 2018.

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