Misunderstood Mara

Mara was the demon who tried to get the Buddha to give up his seat under the Bodhi Tree, by hook, crook, or temptation. Was he demonic, or was he just trying to help the Buddha out? Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center December 4, 2016.

Larry Ward on “Harvest Time”

Dr. Peggy Rowe-Ward and Dr. Larry Ward, senior dharma teachers ordained by Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh, are the leading proponents of Engaged Buddhism in the United States. Deeply inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh, they have committed their lives to non-violent social change, healing, and transformation at all levels, from individuals & communities to the global scale. Peggy and Larry are co-authors of the book, Love’s Garden: A Guide to Mindful Relationships.

Stepping into Uncertainty

Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center the Sunday after the Presidential election on how our practice can help us appoach the future with tenderness, curiosity and strength.

Koshin Christopher Cain: Moving with Change

Berneta Walraven: Death Lessons

David Steel: Meditation and the Brain

Anita M. Feng: What is the True History of the Life of the Buddha?

Serena Maurer: Mindfulness and the Categorizing Mind

Dogen’s Three Minds: Joyful, Caring and Big

The Four Immeasurables

Weston T. Borden: Koans-Case Studies in Kindness and Compassion

Genko Kathy Blackman: What does compassion look like?

Susan Traff on Interdependence

Codependent Origination

Why Buddhism Works Here

The Shapes of the Awakening Mind


Zen and Being a Mother

Lidunn Overdahl Cain at the Zen Center, June 26, 2016

Born Again

Koshin Cain at the Zen Center, May 22, 2016

Zero-based Wisdom

Koshin Cain at the Zen Center, June 19, 2016

The Wisdom of Meditation

Mary Lila Gary at the Zen Center, June 12, 2016

Buddha’s birthday

Breathing and Posture Bootcamp, Part Two

Breathing and Posture Bootcamp, Part One

Going Further


Ryokan Part Three

Ryokan Part Two

Ryokan Part One

Suchness (Eko Jeff Kelley)

The Buddha Holds up a Flower

The Fear of Zero

The Meaning of Precepts

Zen’s Water Metaphors (Stephen Black)

Death over Dinner (Angel Grant and Michael Hebb)

Lessons from a Fox on Karma and Enlightenment

Rounding out our Rough Edges

The Three Bodies of the Buddha

Mindful Tech with David Levy

My Zen Life: Weston T. Borden

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