Celina Yarkin: My Zen Life

Our Bodies Our Selves

Death Matters

Practicing with Technology

Koshin Cain speaks at the Zen Center on July 19 2015.

The Bodhisattva’s Four Methods of Guidance

Nomon Tim Burnett speaks at the Puget Sound Zen Center in July 2015.

Joshu’s Three Buddhas (Kudus House dharma talk 2015)

A talk given by Eko Jeff Kelley at the 2015 Kudus House sit, July 2015.

Interdependence Day

A talk given by Koshin Cain at Puget Sound Zen Center on July 5, 2015

Breathing and Stillness with Robert Litman

Embracing our shadow

Fresh starts

Hakuin’s song of zazen, part 3

Hakuin’s song of zazen, part 2

Hakuin’s song of zazen, part 1 (spring 2015 sesshin)

Giving yourself away (Spring 2015 sesshin)

The Rhythm of Retreat

My Zen Life: Steve Ice

Sangha member Steve Ice talks about his Zen journey.

The One and the Many

Eko Jeff Kelley of Seattle Soto Zen speaks at the Zen Center

Retreating in Order to Advance

Koshin Cain talks about the value of retreats.

Mindfullness and Well-Being

Dr. Marcie Hamrick talks about mindfulness and well being.

To Crave or Not to Crave

A talk by guest speaker Genko Kathy Blackman, recorded 4/1/2015.

Becoming Foolish

Reflections on experiencing life as “just this” before categorization.

Gimme Shelter: The idea of refuge in Buddhism

Koshin Cain talks about the idea of refuge in Buddhism.


Koshin Cain speaks on “Forgiveness” at the Vashon Unitarian fellowship

The Case for Zen Ritual


Koshin Cain talks about elements of practice including sitting and chanting.

My Zen Life: Elizabeth Fitterer


Sangha member Elizabeth Fitterer talks about her first four years of Zen practice.

Understanding our Unease

Koshin Cain speaks about understanding our unease at Seattle Soto Zen.

Hakuin’s song of zazen


A dharma talk by Koshin Cain, January 28, 2015

Zen gospel singing






Koshin Cain on “Zen Gospel singing” and some words on chanting.koshin

Seeking the excellent

Koshin Cain on “Seeking the Excellent”, January 7, 2015 at the Zendo.Fold

Koshin talks about what’s in store for 2015 at the Zen Center


Abbot Koshin Christopher Cain on what’s going on at the Zen Center in 2015.

Elizabeth talks about PSZC Board goals for 2015

enlightenBoard President Elizabeth Fitterer on the Board’s goals for the year.

Sissel talks about the 2015 program lineup

votersSissel Johannessen talks about the 2015 lineup of programs at the Zen Center at our New Year’s gathering on January 4, 2015.

Dec 22 Podcast: Buddhist Christmas Carols

fam-zen-1Abbot Koshin Cain sings Buddhist Christmas carols! Includes an original version of “The 12 days of Christmas” and other revised classics like “Silent Mind”.

This week’s podcast: “Becoming Reflective Practitioners” by Rev. Dr. Kathy Morse

On Wednesday December 10, Rev. Dr. Morse spoke at the Zen Center on “Becoming Reflective Practitioners.”

December 8 podcast: “Everyone’s enlightened”

“Everyone’s Enlightened”–a talk by Koshin Cain given on December 3, 2014.page-november

December 1 Podcast: “Why sit all night?”

Test-Podcast-Recording.jpg Koshin Cain talks about the upcoming all-night sit on the 6th and the morning Enlightenment Day celebration on the 7th at 7am.

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