Community IFCH dinners

Upcoming dinners: Second Monday of each month

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Dear Zen Center Members and Attendees:

The Board of Directors and Program Committee of the Puget Sound Zen Center made the decision to participate in the Interfaith Council on Homelessness (IFCH) on Vashon Island. Our participation will consist of providing one meal per month for the Community Dinner. We have done this in the past, and the hope is that we will once again provide this service to the Vashon community.

What is this program?
This IFCH program provides dinner for any Vashon resident who wants to attend. These meals are provided every day of the week in various churches on the Island. The Sangha will be providing the meal on the second Monday of each month. Joyce and Jim Hunziker have been providing this meal on their own for over a year, and the Zen Center will now be assisting in what they are doing. The Board and Program Committee felt this would be a good way to help our community and make our presence as a faith community known.

The meal is served at the Methodist Church on the second Monday of each month between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. The IFCH meal coordinator, Harmon, opens up the church building and makes sure there are no issues, then leaves. Those serving the meal close up the building when the meal is finished (if no other group is using the building). If there are issues or problems during the meal Harmon can be called and will come to resolve the issue(s).

How many people attend this dinner?
Although there are varying numbers of people who attend each meal, generally 22-28 people attend. Over the years, there have been as few as 12 people and a maximum of 32 people at the dinner. We don’t worry too much about dietary restrictions, as people who come to the dinners generally eat everything. If they have a dietary restriction, they are good about knowing what they can eat and what to avoid.

How can I help?

Here is a link to a sheet on the internet we use to coordinate the dinners. That spread sheet tells the date of the next dinner and what the main dish will be. There are also suggestions for other food that would go well with the main dish. You may decide you have a better idea for something that would go better with the main dish. If you do, that would be fine.

To let others know what you are willing to do, please put your name into the block in the column under that dish, what you will be bringing, and your phone number. Please bring the dish to the Methodist Church by 4:50 pm so the meal will be ready to serve by 5:00 when dinner starts.

The Hunzikers will be the coordinators for the Zen Center participation. They will – for a while – provide the main dish of the meal, and the hope is that others in the Zen Center will start providing other portions of the meal. The ultimate goal is that other people from the Zen Center will provide various parts of the meal (including the main dish), with coordination by the Hunzikers.


Thank you for being willing to help with this service from our Sangha to our community.