Fall Retreat 2018 – Chop Wood, Carry Water

Chop Wood, Carry Water: Making a Life of Practice. In 9th century China the P’ang family gave the Zen school an example of how laypeople – women and men – can make a life of practice their primary aim.
Register now to dive deep at our three-day Fall sesshin (11-14 Oct) at beautiful Camp Sealth. This will be a formal retreat in the Rinzai tradition: zazen, kinhin, chanting, dharma talks, interviews with the teacher, silent walks through the spring woods.  
All meals and dormitory-style accommodations included. If you have questions, or if you have not previously attended a multi-day retreat, please contact the registrar at registrar@pszc.org.  From out-of-town?  The registrar will find you a place to stay the night before if needed.  
The retreat will begin at 5pm on Thursday and end at 3pm Sunday. Registration below–please contact the registrar with questions at registrar@pszc.org.



Typical full-day retreat schedule:

4:30am wake up, tea & chanting, zazen

7:00 breakfast

7:45 break/ cleaning

8:15 qi-gong

8:45 zazen

10:00 dharma talk, zazen (teacher meeting w. Koshin)

12:00pm lunch

12:45 samu

1:15 change for hike

1:25 hike

2:30 break

3:00 zazen, chanting, zazen (teacher meeting with Koshin)

4:45 Bodywork (yoga or qi gong)

5:15 dinner

6:00 break

6:30 gyodo, zazen

8:30 tea & chanting, closing




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