Half Day Sit (11/18)



Please join us for all or part of a half-day sit, built around our regular Sunday service. There’s no charge, no need to register, and no obligation to stay for the entire time–feel free to come and go as you need. Newcomers are welcome!

Some of us sit on cushions and some sit on benches or chairs–you’re welcome to bring your own supplies or use ours, and can use whatever configuration you need to sit comfortably.

From 7am-9:40am we’ll start out with tea, chanting, and alternating blocks of seated and walking meditation.

At 9:40am we’ll have a brief break, and set up for the regular 10am service-no obligation to stay for the service but all are welcome.

From 10-11:45 is our regular Sunday service, which includes tea, chanting, seatedandwalkingmeditation, and a dharma talk from Koshin.

Questions? Email programs@pszc.org