Practice Plans 2016



Already a practice plan participant? Sign up on the clipboard at the Zendo for a dokusan appointment with Koshin

The Practice Plan is a program offered to PSZC members to help you define, stick to, and deepen your practice. There is no cost, but you must be a member in good standing to participate. Long distance participation is also possible!

Please be aware that enrolling in the Practice Plan signifies an sincere and sustained effort- it is important to uphold your practice commitments. First, you will create your own personal practice plan for daily life, following the guidelines in the links below. Whatever your personal circumstances -at home with small children, working in the city-there are many ways to practice.

You will be asked to include elements from both “core” and “supporting” practices under three categories: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. This shaping of your Practice Plan can be a process of considerable thought and introspection. Take sometime, sit with it, and talk it over with your family and sangha friends.

When you are ready, make an appointment with Koshin. With him, you will finalize and commit to your practice plan for 2016, and be enrolled in the Practice Plan program.

At the beginning of each 3-month practice period (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) you will be asked to revisit your practice plan, tweak if necessary, check in with the teacher, and re-commit for the coming practice period.

Have questions or want to sign up? Email

Here is a copy of the practice plan worksheet to guide your discussions with Koshin

And here is a copy of our practice plans brochure



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