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Dogen’s Instructions to the Cook

Spring 2017 5-day retreat

April 18-23 at Camp Sealth



Join us at Camp Sealth from April 18-23 for our spring retreat. Our teachers will be our Abbot Koshin Christopher Cain, and Jiun Hosen, Osho, Abbess of Bodhi Manda Zen Center in New Mexico.

Is this your first retreat? Are you wondering if you should do this?

You can come for the whole five days, or attend for one or more days. You can email with questions about what might work, or questions about what a retreat is like.

These are retreats in the formal Rinzai Zen sense, which means a day from 4:30am-9:00pm filled with 25 minute intervals of sitting, walking meditation around Camp Sealth, breaks for personal time, simple vegetarian meals prepared by our awesome cooks, and bodywork activities like qi gong and yoga.

There are also two dharma talks per day by the teachers, and a chance to meet with the teachers and talk about your practice if you want to.

Lodging is dormitory style in the camp Sealth cabins, which are usually 2-4 to a room.

Practicing with a group for a long period of time like this is a great way to strengthen your practice, and to really take a step back from your everyday life.  We hope you can join us.

Scholarship funds are available as well–contact


Cost for the whole retreat: $310 for members/$360 for non-members. $80 per individual day. 

You can offer additional support for all the Zen Center’s programs by paying the $400 benefactor rate.






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