Upcoming Dharma Talks

2018 April – Silence & Emptiness


April 29 – Koshin – Becoming Larger
It may appear we’re getting smaller in Zen practice. We’re stepping out of the stream of our lives and quietly losing our everyday self. But in fact we’re discovering things that make us larger.

2018 May – Birth

May 6 – Buddha’s Birthday celebration
Come join us for Buddha’s Birthday after our shortened 10am Sunday service/children’s program May 6th.  We will be having a traditional ceremony of washing the Buddha and remembering his life, starting at 11 am.  We will immediately follow with a potluck including a giant birthday cake for everyone’s enjoyment.  Other Sanghas have been invited to participate, should be a great crowd.

May 14 – Mothers and Zen – Mother’s Day – Poetry
All are welcome to bring a poem or reading to share about the influence of a mother on your path or in your life.

May 21 – Half day sit starting at 7am. 10am talk–Koshin – Birth of the Self
Though in Zen practice we learn to lose ourselves, being born as a new self is a vital part of our path.

May 28 – Jeff Kelley on “Playfulness–Koans, Dogen and the Zen Path”
There will be photos, stories, and a little history about Buddhism and Zen.