Upcoming Dharma Talks

September 2 – Wes Borden – The Practice of Tea and the Practice of Zen
The modern (post-16th century) tea ceremony was greatly influenced by the practice of Zen. This talk will describe some of the similarities between the practice of the Way of Tea (Chado) and the practice of Zen and also a few of the differences between these two disciplines.

September 9 – Steve Williamson – Beyond Dualism in our Nation’s Capital
Steve Williamson is a Buddhist practitioner and Assistant to the President at UFCW 21, the state’s largest union. As the husband of Representative Pramila Jayapal he splits his time between Washington DC and their home in West Seattle.
Children’s Program and Potluck also this week.

September 16 – Koshin – Zazen 101
How do we meditate in the Zen tradition? Why does posture matter? How do we get breath involved? What do we do with our monkey-like minds?

September 23 – Robert Litman – Breathing Spirit
In every cycle of breath spirit travels through the body creating form, consciousness, formlessness and returning to emptiness. Each cycle is a microcosm of our life’s earth walk, from our first inhale at birth to our final exhale as we die to this life. Robert will guide awareness into the spirit of breath as a teacher of Patience and Diligence.

September 30 – Koshin – Make Haste Slowly
How do we progress in Buddhist practice? Isn’t it about NOT progressing? In Rinzai Zen we ask you to diligently make an effort until there is no effort needed.