Upcoming Dharma Talks

October 2017 – Impermanence

October 22 – Marcus Daly – Seven Years of Coffinmaking
In September of 2001, Marcus Daly and his family moved from Capitol Hill to Vashon where they started a residential landscaping business. He built his first coffin in 2003 when his wife suffered a miscarriage. In 2005, watching the funeral of Pope John Paul II, he was moved by the honesty of the Pope’s simple wooden coffin, especially as it contrasted with the enduring grandeur of Saint Peter’s Square. In 2009 he left landscaping and set off to begin Vashon Island Coffin Company building similar, environmentally-friendly wooden coffins in the small shop next to his house on their 5 acre island property.

October 29 – Jim Hunziker – My Zen Life
In our “My Zen Life” series of talks, sangha members share their stories of their Zen practice.