Upcoming Dharma Talks

2018 February – Taking Refuge

February 4 – Genko —  Sangha as Refuge: What it means for us today.

February 11 – Half Day Sit
Love. Bring thoughts or stories to share. 

February 18 – Koshin:  Neither Difficult Nor Easy.
Sometimes our practice is terribly challenging, sometimes it is a great joy.  And all the while it is neither – just ask Layman P’ang’s skilled daughter, Ling-chao.   

February 25 – Koshin: Finishing with Refuge.
In the traditional refuge chant, after taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, we finish taking refuge in them.  This mirrors our practice – we take refuge in meditation, study, and community for a time, then we step out into the world.