Upcoming Dharma Talks

 2018 June – Wisdom

June 10 – Tim Lenz – The Buddha Visits the Far Northwest
Tim Lenz is a professor in the Asian Languages and Literature Department at the University of Washington. His work includes translating some of the earliest known Buddhist manuscripts.

Once upon a time, Afghanistan was included in the Indian sphere of influence and Taxila was a well-known center of learning. Buddhism was alive and well in the far northwest of India, and the legacy of its past glory has come down to us by way of a rich tradition of art and a varied corpus of manuscripts that happen to be the oldest Buddhist documents discovered to date.

June 17 – Sissel Johannessen – My Zen Life

June 24 – Sally Carlson – Self-centered to Seeker: My Journey toward Awareness
Sally was ordained into The Episcopal Church in 2005 and has served as deacon at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, Vashon. She is currently retired from full time ministry. She is a certified Spiritual Director with an itinerant street clientele as well as women ranging in age from 30’s – 70’s. She was a first responder after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and went to Haiti after the massive earthquake there.