Zen Trash

King County’s Adopt-A-Road Program is a litter reduction campaign designed to remove litter debris from unincorporated King County roads and improve the quality of the environment. The program establishes a partnership between volunteer groups and the County. The County provides guidance and equipment to foster safe and effective cleanups and the volunteers do the work of gathering the litter along designated roads. County road maintenance crews follow up by picking up and disposing the collected litter. Every participant in this program makes a positive impact on the appearance of both the King County road network and their community. Participants volunteer to remove litter along an adopted route for a minimum of two years. The assigned routes will generally be up to two miles long, depending on the roadway topography and traffic volumes. Participants will clean the route a minimum of two times per year: Two miles – twice a year – for two years.

The County will provide the necessary safety equipment and safety training materials, and provide litter bags and removal of the filled litter bags.

There are no costs or fees to the participants. However, participants must be at least 18 years of age, in good physical condition, and have good eyesight and hearing.

Puget Sound Zen Center has adopted Cove Rd from 129th Lane SW to Vashon Hwy SW. 

Our Primary Group Coordinator is Karen Hedlund and our Secondary Group Coordinator is Berneta Walraven. The coordinators act as a liaison between our group and the County. The Group Coordinator is responsible for overseeing our group and administering the agreed upon rules to the individuals in the group.

Volunteers need to complete the Individual Participant Release Form and watch the safety video.  Per King County rules, no minors are allowed.  Additional program details can be found here. Click on the PDF icon.

Volunteers can email the completed forms to programs@pszc.org or mail them to PSZC, PO Box 2644, Vashon, WA 98070, or drop them off at the Zendo in the Zen Trash envelope hung on the bulletin board.
Our first pick up event is occurred on June 24, 2018. A second ‘trash day’ will be scheduled soon.