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The Perch

The Perch

Sipping dark roast black coffee
Barred owl perches on felled cedar branch
Beautiful being
Not bothered by the rain
Heart pumping
Breast moving
Same as me
Think to get binoculars for closer look
Mind drifts to a backpacking trip with Ted
Binoculars helped count the switchbacks up tomorrow’s daunting Sierra pass
The next day the binoculars were given to the rider who delivered a food drop.
Binoculars stay in the cupboard
Owl looks at crows fly overhead
No response to jet
Penetrating dark eyes search for prey
Strong sharp yellow talons grip the limb
Rain continues
Head and neck shake off water
No reaction to warblers playing in cedar
Eyes on prey
Drop in breast
Wings out in defensive posture
Takes flight to a higher vantage point

September 28, 7:30 – 9:00am  – This morning, watching the owl find her meal, brought me a lot of joy. It reminds me that joy is about being intimate with the moment, as it is.

Karen Hedlund enjoys taking care of her forest. Her weekend morning routine includes a couple cups of coffee while peering into the forest from the living room. The barred owl is a frequent visitor.