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Pondering on Buddha Nature

Pondering on Buddha Nature

What is Buddha Nature?

Is Buddha Nature a physical state? Do rocks and mountains have Buddha Nature? Can it reside outside of physical form in a different level of consciousness?

If a form, as something described by science, could Buddha Nature be a point, a rod, a ball, a wave, energy? Can words be adequately used to describe Buddha Nature?

Be curious.

Could Buddha Nature be boundless? Is my Buddha nature aware of my friend’s Buddha Nature? My lover’s or, the tree’s Buddha Nature? Is my Buddha nature the same as my friend’s, or as a rock’s, or as the moon’s or as a white dwarf star? Does the Buddha Nature of this Earth ebb and flow? Does the totality of the Earth’s Buddha Nature flux with the galaxy’s or the universe’s Buddha Nature?

Be inquisitive.

Does Buddha Nature change? Is it impermanent? What happens to Buddha Nature when a person, animal or tree die. Does Buddha Nature transform?

Is Buddha Nature a construct, created to hold other ideas together like a scientific theory?

Test it.

What happens when one becomes aware of their Buddha Nature.

Might Buddha Nature be the divine in all things?

Be still.

Karen Hedlund is the President of the Puget Sound Zen Center’s Board of Directors.